Change the sentences below into Past tense form 1. Mr,Badras teaches Match in the class 2. My brother buys a new shoes in the shop 3. Arya plays guitar well 4. The children do their assignment 5. The teachers meet in the office Change the sentences below into negatif and interogatif sentence in past tense form 1. She studied in her room (-) (?) 2. My father bought a car yesterday (-) (?) 3. The students worked together (-) (?) 4. Adinda and I brought some novel (-) (?) 5. Ms Anisa took many gifts to her students (-) (?)


1. (-) she did not study in her room.
(?) did she studied in her room?

(-)my father did not buy a car yesterday.
(?)did my father bought a car

3.the students did not work together. (-)
did the students worked together? (?)

4.adinda and i did not bring some novel. (-)
(?)sorry i don’t know this one 🙁

ms annisa did not take many gift to her. students (-)
did ms anisa took many gifts to her students?

sorry if it’s wrong i hope this is useful <3 i hope you get good grades ,and don’t forget to give “.” at the end


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